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What is Ribera Manero?

Ribera Manero is a restaurant and fish shop located physically on the ground floor of the Illa Diagonal shopping centre in Barcelona, where, besides, we offer delivery service to your home.

What are the restaurant opening hours?

In the restaurant, we serve with an open kitchen without interruption from 11 in the morning until 22.30 in the evening.

In addition, we offer home delivery service.

And at the fish shop, what are the opening hours?

The opening hours of the fish shop in Illa Diagonal are from 9:30 in the morning until 21:30 in the evening.

Also, we offer home delivery service of fish.

Where is the restaurant and fish shop Ribera Manero?

Ribera Manero restaurant and fish shop are located on the ground floor in the Illa Diagonal shopping centre in Barcelona, 557, Diagonal Avenue, Barcelona.

You can check how to get here by clicking here.

How to book a table at the Ribera Manero restaurant?

All bookings at the restaurant must be made by phone, call 934 44 02 40.

Home delivery service?

Yes, we offer delivery service to any address in Barcelona city both ready-made food, which includes all dishes on our menu and online fish shop.

How can I order delivery food?

It is very simple. You can visit our restaurant's menu in the section: take away / home delivery and call us at 934 44 02 40, or 600 000 000, or send us a WhatsApp message asking for the dishes, or products you want.

How can I make my order of fish to be delivered at home?

Please refer to the section: home delivery / online fish shop, you will find the products that we can deliver to you. Call at 934 44 02 40, or 600 000 000, or write us a WhatsApp placing your order.

There are some seasonal products or special pieces that we can offer, although they are not published on our website. Ask us for more information.

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