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The head chef of Ribera Manero restaurant.

Among pans and stoves, cooking, tasting, and taking care of the products, selecting at the stalls among the variety of fish and seafood, searching at the market for quality seasonal products ... We discover Alex Guiu, head of the kitchen of Ribera Manero restaurant, located in the Illa Diagonal shopping centre in Barcelona.

He began his training as a chef inspired by the attraction he feels for gastronomy. First in the Catering College in Lleida, where he learnt the basics of waitering and cooking, and then to Hofmann in Barcelona, where he accessed advanced and specialized training which allowed him to focus on what he is passionate about: cooking.

Alex says to us: "At school, they teach you the foundations of cooking and you get a rough idea of what it is like to work as a cook, so to speak. On your own, you must search and have the fortune of working with chefs and cooks, from which you can get the maximum knowledge and experience." This is the premise that moved him to work in the kitchens of various restaurants where he met chefs and professional cooks, with whom to learn the craft and discovered a love for ingredient-oriented cooking.

Among all chefs and cooks with whom he has worked, Alex Guiu saves special appreciation for who he calls "the boss", Josep Maria, who was head chef of Castell del Remei restaurant. At the age of 16, working in the kitchen of a veteran with a lifetime of experience, he understood what it is to be a kitchen professional. He learnt day-to-day cuisine, dedication, perseverance, concentration and camaraderie. For the first time, he understood what the passion for cooking and a love for the craft are. Alex tells us: "Josep Maria, was very professional and involved, he gave everything to the restaurant."

In 2008 Alex Guiu joined the team of Ribera Manero restaurant, directed by Irene and Carlos Centelles, putting himself at the disposal of the kitchen. Together with his team, every day they prepare dishes that include the classics in the Ribera Manero menu and the special of the day, more elaborated dishes, cooked according to the seasonal products, which change daily.

The cuisine of Ribera Manero belongs in the elaboration of market and Mediterranean cuisine, in which the main inspiration is the product. We introduce touches of fusion, influences that come to chef Alex Guiu from his continued exploration as a gourmet and food lover. Flavours and textures that he loves and that introduces subtly, always keeping a culinary technique typical of French cooking and haute cuisine, in which he tries to ensure that the product is very well treated. The cuisine of Ribera Manero restaurant also introduces sporadically the techniques that are used in haute cuisine but adapted to a much more day-to-day cuisine, which is simple and close to the diner, easy to understand.

Alex Guiu says, "I especially like when the dishes that we offer in the restaurant, evoke some memory to the diners, as the emotion of having tasted that dish when they were children. Or also when, in a forthcoming visit to the restaurant they choose again the dish that they had tasted the previous day, simply for the pleasure of enjoying it again.

Alex Guiu and his kitchen team await you in Ribera Manero restaurant, to provide you with passion and love for the gastronomy.

You can follow chef Alex Guiu in his personal Instagram profile, through which he brings to you the everyday life of the kitchen.

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